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Ed & Marsha - Keith & Virginia

Welcome to Huwaldt's Herefords
We are a family operation which started 1 1/4 centuries ago raising purebred Hereford cattle. The farm is now managed by Ed & Marsha Huwaldt along with their daughter, Angie.
Ed & Marsha live only about a mile away from the Huwaldt homestead.
In the year 1879, Ed's great-grandfather, August, brought Hereford cattle with him as he made his way to northeast Nebraska from Germany. His son, Fern, continued raising and selling Hereford Breeding Stock until his death in 1966. In the mid 60's, the third generation, Keith and his wife, Virginia, purchased their first polled hereford bull. By the early 70's the herd was totally polled. August Huwaldt Jr. with Hereford Bull circa 1900.
Huwaldts Hereford cattle circa 1900. Keith and Virginia remain very
 active in the operation of the farm,
although they are technically "retired".
Ed & Marsha's daughters are part
of the fifth generation to raise
hereford cattle here on the farm.
The cow herd currently consists of about 150 head. Each year about 25 replacement heifers are kept. The balance of the heifer calves are sold privately or at auction barns to commercial breeders.

About 25 bull calves are kept to sell as yearlings by private treaty. For the past several years, the balance have been fed as steers for the Certified Hereford Beef program.

We place our emphasis on good mothering, as well as efficient, easy, keeping abilities. We strive to produce bulls that will add pounds and thickness for the everyday cattleman.

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Created: March 7, 2003
Updated: February 22, 2015